West Cedar Avenue Homes

18 West Cedar Avenue

The John O'Hara House

American Foursquare Style built in 1905

21 West Cedar Avenue

The Joseph Trembley House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1890

S. Gore and W. Cedar


Four Houses - 100,112,118,128

South Gore Avenue Homes

44 South Gore Avenue

The William A. Stine House

Queen Anne Style built in 1902

24 South Gore Avenue

The Harriet Van Court House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1870

West Lockwood Businesses

45 West Lockwood Avenue

The Webster Groves Presbyterian Church

Gothic Revival Style built in 1891,1925,1938

40 West Lockwood Avenue

W.A.Straub Grocery Store

Classic Revival Style built in 1926

23 West Lockwood Avenue

The Nathan Allen House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1865

17 West Lockwood Avenue

The Charles W. Ferguson House

Colonial Revival Style built in 1888

10 West Lockwood Avenue

The First Congregational Church

Gothic Revival Style built in 1870,1893,1956,1993

5 West Lockwood Avenue

The Southwestern Bell Telephone Building

Classical Revival Style built in 1916

North Elm Avenue Homes

216 North Elm Avenue

The Clifford Darby House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1887

226 North Elm Avenue

The George Harding House

Queen Anne Style built in 1866,1887

Marshall Place Homes

#5 Marshall Place

The William D. Butler House

Italianate Style built in 1868

25 Marshall Place

The Martin R. Gerould House

Italianate Style built in 1874

33 & 39 Marshall Place

The Campbell Houses

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1895

46 Marshall Place

The Nelson Merrill House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1868

55 Marshall Place

The William Campbell House

Victorian Vernacular Style built in 1885

North Gore Businesses

60 North Gore Avenue

The Schultz Store

Utilitarian Feed Store built in 1893

58 North Gore Avenue

The Brockman Blacksmith Shop

Utilitarian Blacksmith & Buggy Works built in 1893

49 North Gore Avenue

Prehn's Grocery Store

Italianate Cast Iron Storefront built in 1880

44 North Gore Avenue

Missouri Pacific Railway Station

Queen Ann Style built in 1904

31-35 North Gore Avenue

The Webster Groves Trust Building

Cast Iron Victorian Style built in 1901

38 North Gore Avenue

Dr. Armstrong's Office

Cast Iron Victorian built in 1901

34 North Gore Avenue

The Connon Building

Victorian Vernacular/Art Deco Facade built in 1880

21-25 North Gore Avenue

The Empire/Heritage Building

Classical Revival Style built in 1907

20-24 North Gore Avenue

The M.W. Warren Building

Victorian Vernacular/Cast Iron Storefront built in 1886

19 North Gore Avenue

The Parker Livery Building

Classical Revival Style built in 1914

13-15 North Gore Avenue

The Trembley Wilson Real Estate Building

Vernacular/Classical Revival Style built in 1915

West Lockwood Businesses

101-113 West Lockwood Avenue

The Gorelock Building

Classical Revival Style built in 1910/11

122-126 West Lockwood Avenue

The Lockwood Building

Jacobethan/Art Deco Style built in 1926

130 West Lockwood Avenue

Webster Groves Fire Company #1

Vernacular/Art Deco Style built in 1913

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