Building Community Rooted in Legacy

It has been accurately stated that Webster Groves is a living museum. Our history lives in our remarkable historic homes and businesses. The legacy of the city's original founders also lives on through the homes and businesses lovingly maintained, restored and preserved over the decades since the mid and late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. If you travel through Webster, these beautiful structures are available for your observation on a daily basis. This museum never closes.

If you own one of these homes or businesses, you have been blessed with a historic responsibility. Due to the act of simply purchasing your historic property, you have become a Steward of Webster Past. For a season, while this piece of history is in your possession, it is your time to preserve and protect a relic of Webster's past for the benefit of subsequent generations.

You are part of a new society of history loving Webster Groves owners - The Stewards of Webster Past. This new society will be made up of those who intentionally seek to honor the history of Webster Groves. We believe that Webster Groves' historic homes and businesses are a large part of that history.

There are no membership dues to belong to this society. You simply need to be interested in doing whatever you can to learn more about Webster Groves and to share that knowledge with others. We're excited to preserve and promote our history in this new way.

Watch as the Stewards of Webster Past concept is developed further in the future.